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aboutus provides economic commentary through newsletters and online publications. We choose the most relevant news items to help shape your investment decisions.

Our Business Goal

At Team EFN we aim to monopolise the HNW and UHNW space with our relevant financial news, content, research and critiques that assists their investment decisions.  Once we cultivate our brand and have accrued 150,000 of the wealthiest clients in the UK, we would expect that there will be immense value attached to our business.


We're a fifth of the way there. 


Worldwide we're aiming for 1m subscribers and we would envisage this will be achieved within 3-5 years.

Our Relationships

At Team EFN we do not have alliances with Asset Managers, but our Market Researchers are tasked with studying and analyzing the majority of funds and strategies available to the HNW and UHNW market place. Our business model evolves around our Subscribers of which we cater for over 50000 of the wealthiest individuals around Europe.


Our clients subscribe to our service with the intention of being kept abreast of all market moving stories and events, and we also familiarize them with strong performing Asset Managers our researchers have critiqued. Ultimately, we aim to assist our clients Investment Decisions via Education. 


We hope on the back of these successful relationships that our clientele will introduce our team to other like minded individuals, which assists in the growth of our company value. We intend on increasing brand awareness in this manner until we have a minimum of over 1m HNW and UHNW subscribers, which we would expect to become attainable over the next 3-5 years.


Therefore, whilst embarking on our journey we tend to build excellent relationships with the HNW individuals we cater our services too, as well as a multitude of the Asset Managers that we analyze.

Marketing With Team EFN

Our Core business evolves around catering for the HNW and UHNW market place and providing our clientele with market news, breaking headlines and Asset Manager critiques, with the intention of assisting our readers with their investment decisions.


As a result of this, over the years we have manage to build an extensive and highly wealthy base of readers. We have long established relationships with over 30000 of the most affluent individuals in the UK who are active readers of our newsletters and other featured articles. We also have 20000 other successful individuals aligned with our team as subscribers, who read our content on a regular basis (Directors, Entrepreneurs, Business Angels, Top Tier Professionals).

Most importantly, because all of the above are our 'subscribers', for your company- any interested prospect will be a GDPR compliant contact, as they will have requested information on your services (providing they like your article).

E Financial Newsletter do no have any alignments with Asset Managers or any of our clients/subscribers corporations, therefore- we're well positioned to introduce the services of your company to our clients via a multitude of mediums in a neutral capacity.

Our team are merely here to assist HNW and UHNW individuals with their investment decisions, and their understanding of the market place, as well as introducing them to other services they may not otherwise be familiar with. Therefore, it is very prudent to allow other entities we work with to advertise their services, and the feedback is very positive from all parties.

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