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  • 5 market themes to monitor this week.

  • Gold to profit in equity market fall?

  • Struggling towns to receive 1.6bn GBP brexit boost.

  • Brexit and bad weather put UK farmers at risk of suicide.


  • 'Brexit in peril' as May faces large defeat.

  • The Tories hold the key to reversing Brexit's decline and fall.

  • Sir Rocco Forte- 'No point in delaying Brexit'. It's time to take the plunge.

  • Business- Live. With twists and turns expected, stay in touch with The Guardian's live business.


  • Not too late to get 'real change' to Brexit deal.

  • Travelodge targeting parents to fill post Brexit staffing gap.

  • UK bankers on standby as City readies no-deal contingency plans.

  • Buyers beware- Amsterdam seeks to ban 'buy to let' on new build homes.


  • Brexit standoff takes UK to edge of No-Deal.

  • Labour's Corbyn to discuss 'Alternative' Brexit plan with EU leaders including Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator.

  • Borrower's cash in as UK banks seek triple A bonds as Brexit insurance.

  • Manufacturers in despair at Brexit impasse, says CBI.


  • Parliament votes to take control of Brexit.

  • Team EFN review Crescat Capital's 'Trade of The Century' Projection.

  • Brexit in numbers: How the votes were decided last night in Parliament.

  • The European Union has bigger problems to deal with than Brexit.


  • May's top lawyer struggles for Brexit deal in Brussels.

  • Concerned about brexit and your portfolio? Exploit the uncertainty in the FX arena.

  • UK cash system 'on the verge of collapse'. Is cash about to be phased out?

  • News from the world of automobiles- JLR plan large UK Investment.


COL 6.jpg
  • Business 'exasperated' after Brexit vote.

  • Six things to know about the 'Spring Statement' which takes place today.

  • Pilots complained about the Boeing 737 months before horrific crash.

  • Funds start buying into the copper market yet again.


  • May must change Brexit deal for another vote.

  • Banking sector- Financial sharks are now circling Metro Bank.

  • Facebook provides further details on the New Zealand attack video.

  • Online retail fueling rapid rise in sales of fake goods, says OECD.


  • May gets two week Brexit reprieve.

  • Stop Brexit- The online system crashes as over one million people sign a petition to grind Brexit to a halt.

  • A woman's work Is never done.

  • Star Trader lures 10bn USD in 10 hours.


PANews BT_P-f6dae4ec-cc5a-4673-9ef3-4e31
  • 'Stop Chasing Rainbows', MP's are told.

  • Preventable deaths? The story of Grenfell flat number 113.

  • DUP leader says 'abstaining on May's deal was never an option'.

  • FTSE 100 gains, as Sterling slides.


  • May to EU- 'Agree to backstop changes or risk disorderly Brexit'.

  • Economic news- China exports witness the biggest fall in 3 years.

  • How five smaller firms are preparing for a 'no deal' Brexit.

  • ECB pushes out a potential rate hike, and offers cheap cash to banks.


  • Markets latest- GBP pauses after UK vote on delay.

  • Do you have a large property portfolio and are currently unsure what the future might be for the market place?

  • The property market: Homes in areas of outstanding beauty- In pictures.

  • FCA plans to ban or cap investment platform exit fees.


  • Buy Gold and sell Stocks is the 'Trade of the Century'.

  • Latest Brexit news- Theresa May to request a short extension from the EU with the option for a longer one.

  • World's most expensive cities revealed.

  • Most people want higher taxes on rich to support the poor.

  • May faces endgame as leader 'Loses The Plot'.

  • 5 things you need to know to start your day on the right note.

  • No evidence of Trump and Russia collusion says the Attorney General.

  • Asian stocks sink as the market starts the week on a horrendous note.


  • May plans watered down Brexit Vote.

  • UK house prices edge up, London falls again.

  • Day of reckoning for Theresa May.

  • Jill Dando murder case will never be solved.


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