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  • It's November, does the Santa rally start here?

  • GBP surges vs Dollar after Brexit deal.

  • Amid trade war, China offer hope.

  • Are the Tories planning a snap election?


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  • Cabinet threaten May.

  • Where we reside with Brexit

  • Democrats edging ahead in the mid terms.

  • How European investors should trade the mid terms.

  • Maximise your FTSE 100 return by employing leverage.

Breaking Investor News

  • What to watch in stocks this morning.

  • Pressure mounts on May.

  • Brexit plans complete shambles.

  • JPM leading Brexit shift

  • GBP falling on Brexit fears time to sell

Investor News 

  • Brexit cabinet meeting live.

Investor Article

  • May defies Tory rebels to press ahead with the plan.

  • May seeks business backing off her plan.

  • Could Brexit help UK become the property hotspot.

  • GBP outlook most bearish since Brexit vote.​​


  • May's Brexit deal.

  • Where to find the best black Friday deals.

  • Latest business news as Oil hits new low.

  • Crypto losses nears $700 billion.


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  • How businesses are preparing for Brexit, deal or no deal.

  • The rumble in the jungle.

  • Hammond says staying is the best for UK economy.​​

  • How the super wealthy hide their properties.

  • Goldman projecting a rise of 17% in commodities.

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  • European shares rally, potential trade deal.

  • Is the sound of silence suggesting a Brexit deal.

  • The Brexit bankers exodus that wasn't.

  • Is recent volatility the new norm?


  • Brexit: What the people really want?

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  • Brexit- Theresa, we think it might be time to give the vote back to the people.

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  • May clinging on whilst plot to remove her builds momentum.

  • Reaction to the first draft agreement.

  • Europe wins game of Brexit brinkmanship.

  • All markets have fallen but few like the tech sector.


  • Worst year in many a year just got worse.

  • Hedge fund boss posts an emotional video...

  • Hedge funds that are profiting in this market sell off.

  • Take advantage of the sell off and build a short sell portfolio.​​


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  • ​​Asia starts on a positive footing.

  • A crucial fortnight for Theresa May.

  • Meanwhile business backs May

  • Five London penthouses down 20 percent or more.


  • UK not ready for a 'No Deal' Brexit.​​

  • Project Hysteria

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg calls Carney a failed politician.

  • Britain will have general election if deals go through.

  • Protect your portfolio from Brexit.

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  • Was 'The Don' bluffing us.

  • America hit Iran with tough sanctions.

  • Theresa May denies a secret Brexit deal.

  • The Big Short's Eisman betting against UK banks.


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  • The Stock rally has landed

  • Brexit bombshell.

  • House prices fall to recent low

  • Billionaire Americans enjoy Brexit.

  • Maximise the FTSE 100 rally by employing leverage and buying the index.


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  • Stocks slump amid fears tech boom is over.

  • Brexit is happening- EU has bigger worries.​​

  • How the Brexit end game may play out.

  • GBP rollercoaster ride continues

  • GBP falling on Brexit fears.


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  • Brexit cabinet falling to pieces.

Investor Article

  • The UK's top performing short selling fund.

Investor Article

  • May told by MPs her plans are dead in the waters.

  • Grim signals are piling up.

  • Even Nostradamus can't make an investment return this year.

  • Goldman predict Commodities will sour in 2019.​​


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